How To Remove The Version Number of Your WordPress Website

Hello Guys, Welcome to the first tutorial of SyfiMe blog. Here I’m going to tell a way for all the WordPress site developers or owners who need to remove the version numbers from all the pages. The reason for we should remove this version number is, there are some automated bots looking for this number to find whether your websites is outdated or not. If your WordPress site is running with an outdated version of WordPress, there is a good chance that the security vulnerabilities that hackers can take advantage of. However, you can use some plugins to do this. But it’s another security risk.

Maybe you know where this version number shows. By the way, first of all, let me show that. If you’re viewing the source code of your WordPress site by right click -> view source code, you will see all the code lines which WordPress has generated. However, if you press CTRL + F keys together and search for “generator” word. Then you can see a meta tag which includes this version number as following.

<meta name='generator' content='Wordpress 3.x.x' />

If you have updated to the latest version, you don’t need to remove this. But you can do the following steps if you need to confirm that others should not be able to find your WP version.

Do the following steps to remove the version number of your WP site.

  • Go to the DashBoard or Your Admin Panel.
  • Click on Appearance -> Editor. (It will take you into theme file and make sure you have selected on the active theme.)
  • Then click on the Theme Functions (functions.php) file in the right sidebar. (It will be opened in the editor.)
  • Then, paste the following code in the top of the ode ut after <?PHP tag.
remove_action('wp_head', 'wp_generator'); //Wordpress Version Number Removed

Then this will update your header and you can check whether it’s removed or not. If you can see it after pasting that line, just refresh your page using CTRL + Shift + R.

Conclusion for WordPress Version Removal

I hope you have learned to remove your WordPress version number and how the editor works in WordPress. By the way, this tutorial is very helpful if you’re a busy developer or owner. Because you won’t able to update your WordPress version. Because of that, you should remove your version with above steps. Else bots will find your WordPress whether outdated and hackers will come through a security vulnerability of the outdated version.

Finally, Thank you for coming to our website and I’m Kaviu Dilshan Jayakody. I hope you will come back and I will post more tutorials about WP and development stuff. Have a nice day.

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