Web Audio API – Tutorial 01 [Introduction]

Web Audio API Tutorials - Introduction

Hello guys, I’m going to teach you about Web Audio API. This is cool API which we can use to add some effects to audios in real time and do some amazing things. Also, this API is using for web-based game developments. Before comes this API we had to use <audio> element, flash or other plugins. This web audio API is a high-level javascript API for processing and synthesizing audio in a web application. However, I just started to learn about this API for my final year project. However, I could do some amazing things with this API. My project was an Online Audio Optimizer. I learned so many things by using this API.

These are some of the things that web audio API can do,

  1. Low-level access to all things audio
  2. Create sounds
  3. Manipulate sounds / Adding effects
  4. Timing sounds precisely
  5. tons of other cool stuff (audio analysis)

I searched for full tutorial series for this API, but I couldn’t find full tutorial series from the beginning. Every tutorial had some theories no practicals. Because of that, I will teach you some practicals from the beginning.

  1. How to play an audio using web audio API
  2. How to connect an effect with the audio.
  3. Use delayNode function and connect it to the audio.
  4. Use reverbNode function with impulses and connect it to the audio.
  5. Use biquadFilterNode function and connect it to the audio.
  6. Control slider using “IF” function.
  7. Using Panning Effects, making sounds and more.

Above things are what i have on my mind to teach you. However, I’m learning about this API and I can post solutions for errors which you are facing. OK, this is the introduction about what I’m going to teach you. Finally, if you’re interested in this API, just let me know, then i can give high priority to this tutorial series. HAVE A NICE DAY.

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