JavaScript – Beginner Tutorial 01 [Intro]

Javascript Tutorials - Introduction


Hey guys, I hope you’re doing good. At first welcome to my blog and you have come to check my first tutorial as the beginning. However, I’m going to conduct a tutorial series about JavaScript basics with pointed content. I believe, you can  learn this technology easy without reading more content. Additionally, I’m going to include some samples for every tutorial which I’m going to do. Okay let’s get start.


I’m not going to cover the introduction of this technology because you can find a lot of definitions by searching on google / yahoo. However, We use JavaScript to make the web pages more interactive. As a example you can use this technology to animate your website with cool effects. It’s just an example, you can do more things.

What You Need To Start?

This is very essential before you are going to learn this technology. You MUST have following things,

  • Text Editor (Notepad ++ (Free) / Brackets (Free) / Sublime Text (Paid) )
    • Notepad is a very simple and easy to understand and very similar to the simple notepad.
    • Brackets is a free, but it take some time to load, however, it will let you to organize your files.
    • Sublime Text is a paid plugin, it’s very fast and simple. as brackets, you can organize all the files and there are lot shortcuts to fast up your process.
  • Basic Knowledge of HTML(Hypertext Markup Language) & CSS (Cascading Style Sheet).
    • If you don’t know about how to make a basic web page, just check on YouTube for some tutorials. However, I’m going to teach you HTML & CSS in between this series.  Then you can understand what this function do, how to handle connections and more.

I think this is enough for this post, From tomorrow, this series will be continued. I’m trying to post, two or three lesson per week. It depends on the time. As I said in the start, you won’t see a lot of paragraphs. I try to give you the knowledge by pointing them and you can test samples by yourself.

Thank you for checking my website and check other posts also. HAVE A NICE DAY. GOOD BYE.




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